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quantum paradoxes quantum theory for the perplexed - buy quantum paradoxes quantum theory for the perplexed on amazon com free shipping on qualified orders, introducing quantum theory a graphic guide introducing - quantum theory confronts us with bizarre paradoxes which contradict the logic of classical physics at the subatomic level one particle seems to know what the others are doing and according to heisenberg s uncertainty principle there is a limit on how accurately nature can be observed, theory of space and time friesian school - euclid s axioms and postulates one interesting question about the assumptions for euclid s system of geometry is the difference between the axioms and the postulates axiom is from greek ax ma worthy an axiom is in some sense thought to be strongly self evident, logic by branch doctrine the basics of philosophy - logic in general can be divided into formal logic informal logic and symbolic logic and mathematical logic formal logic formal logic is what we think of as traditional logic or philosophical logic namely the study of inference with purely formal and explicit content i e it can be expressed as a particular application of a wholly abstract rule such as the rules of formal logic that, the history of the free will problem information philosopher - from its earliest beginnings the problem of free will has been intimately connected with the question of moral responsibility most of the ancient thinkers on the problem were trying to show that we humans have control over our decisions that our actions depend on us and that they are not pre determined by fate by arbitrary gods by logical necessity or by a natural causal determinism, spiral dynamics integral dr don beck - debates over globalization are but the surface level collisions of the deeper tectonic plate like cultural fault lines that remain hidden from view, ludwig wittgenstein 1889 1951 friesian school - but the philosophy that killed off truth proclaims unlimited tolerance for the language games i e opinions beliefs and doctrines that people find useful, spiral dynamics a way of understanding human nature - i like the concept of spiral dynamics but also appreciate some of the comments on this theory on the article itself which points to the fact that our language reflects the culture values we live in, cold fusion community supporting low energy nuclear - this post was inspired by cole schafer a professional copy writer and it shows we don t need everyone to buy in but if we open the kimono we can attract a few good men ahem scientists people, how to argue with an ancient astronaut theorist jason - the ancient astronaut theory is not science and it does not believe in science in any real sense despite the lip service it pays to science the theory uses scientific evidence only as decoration for a philosophy an ideology that is essentially a product of the humanities, the institute for new energy advanced energy conversion - the institute for new energy mailing address the institute for new energy ine dr patrick bailey president p o box 201 los altos ca 94023 0201, milton s paradise lost hidden meanings the - i keep having the sense that something is going on that runs right counter to the overt text of john milton s paradise lost there seems to be a separate opposed meaning should it be called a hidden agenda a subtext click the link below to view the full essay by eva brann, umineko when they cry visual novel tv tropes - umineko when they cry umineko no naku koro ni meaning when the seagulls cry is a kinetic sound novel that takes place in 1986 on the island of, in defense of low fat a call for some evolution of - not a typo not april fool s day not a spontaneous and mystical possession by the spirit of george mcgovern not even a social experiment to see how many people i can get to unsubscribe from this blog in the span of a day please stay i love you, books audio david michie - the art of purring chapter one have you ever marveled dear reader at how the most apparently trivial decision can sometimes lead to the most life changing events